Lunes, Hunyo 13, 2011

Bless Our Cops 4: Blessing the Cops, Church, Community and Country

The Bless our Cops Program have been upgraded in order to give volunteers a more meaningful and holistic experience in ministering to the police and also expand the breadth of coverage as the CORPS Movement Foundation tries to gain more works for the Lord.

The program will add three new components wherein in volunteers will be helped to not only bless the Cops but also how to bless their church, bless their community and in the long run bless the country.

As a foundational thrust of the program, volunteers will be trained to minister to the Police or "Bless the Cops". They will be oriented in the "culture of blessing" that the program espouse. Trainings for this core thrust are built around the Mission of the CORPS Movement Foundation wherein volunteers will assist policemen in fulfilling God-Centered, Service Oriented and Family based Philippine National Police.

The CORPS will then equip the BOC volunteers on how to "Bless his Church". Recently the CORPS Movement have talked with the Life Disciples of Ptr. Paul Ellis to equip the volunteers of the CORPS Movement Foundation on In-Depth Biblical Counselling. The CORPS and JOSHUA ministries of the Greenhills Christian Fellowshi has also agreed to sponsor the volunteers of the CORPS Movement for the Passion and Purpose Seminar of the GCF. Other resources and trainings are being developed by the CORPS to further enhance the capabilities of their volunteers.

In terms of "Blessing the Community", the CORPS Movement have designed trainings that will empower churches to reach out to their communities. First among them is the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and School Outreach trainings wherein churches will be trained and equipped on how to utilize children's programs not only as an outreach but also a revenue generating program to help sustain the ministry of each churches. Other program that are set are the jail ministry extension and consultancy.

As for blessing the country, the CORPS Movement envisions that the churches involved in its ministry will one day have a significant role in nation building.

All of these activities and programs are dedicatedly designed not only to bless the cops, church, community and country but as always give glory to the One who has made all things possible. Thus, this program could also be called Bless Our Christ!

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